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Surface Treatment Chemicals for the Manufacturing Industry
In manufacturing industry, metals at every stage of production or fabrication require either the use of process cleaners or rust preventives, to remove oils and metallic debris and to prevent corrosion of exposed surfaces prior to application of their final coating or finish.

Callington offers a range of surface treatment products including process cleaners and dewatering rust preventives.

Our process cleaners include aqueous, alkaline products for cleaning of machine tool systems, as well as multi purpose aqueous process cleaners for cleaning of industrial manufactured parts and components.

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  • Datasheet Downloads
  • Process Cleaners
  • MTC50: For fluid changeoverPDF Download
  • Proclean MW: Multi purpose process cleanerPDF Download
  • Rust Preventives
  • DWP 210: Short term dewatering protective, oily filmPDF Download
  • DWP 220:Medium term dewatering protective, soft greasy filmPDF Download
  • DWP 300: Medium term dewatering protective, greasy filmPDF Download
  • DWP 320: Long term dewatering protective, greasy filmPDF Download
  • DWP 80: Rust Preventative OilPDF Download
  • DWP 510: Rust Preventative OilPDF Download