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Callington are a leading specialty chemicals manufacturer, with esteemed corporate values, a competitively successful drive and we are a force for progress. We fundamentally believe that we can make a difference, with our people’s lives, our customers businesses and the markets in which we operate around the world.

We continue to supply customers in our domestic and international markets with speciality chemicals and we strive to provide affordable, reliable, effective and environmentally friendly products.

Callington is a global, professional, ethical, innovative, specialty chemical manufacturing group.

We believe in ensuring long-term sustainability for our customers, our partners, our people and our businesses.


We believe in building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with our people, our partners and our customers.


We are committed to the safety and development of our people and the communities and societies in which we operate. Our aim is to ensure zero harm to our people and the environment.


We invest significantly in research & development and we continue to extend our capabilities, our performance and our range of specialty chemical products.


We believe in the importance of developing trustworthy business relationships and providing safe working environments