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Fuel Additives » Mining, Construction & Agriculture

Increased efficiency and reliability of your off road fleets and generators are critical to optimizing your projects profitability.

The increased importance of emissions reduction as well as the significant costs associated with fuel consumption and maintenance have resulted in more challenges now than ever.

In 2012, The World Health Organisation listed Diesel emissions as carcinogenic to humans (group 1).

With Work, Health and Safety becoming increasingly important, focus is going towards heavier regulation. Certain individuals such as workers and miners are exposed to unhealthy amounts of diesel emissions.

Callington's Rox® Range of Fuel Additives provides a cost effective way of improving current operations.

  • Datasheet Downloads
  • Roxdiesel Antifreeze: Pour Point & Cold Filter Plugging Point DepressantPDF Download
  • ROX® 9300C: Premium Diesel Fuel Additive (Concentrate Available)PDF Download
  • ROX® 9300: Complete Diesel Fuel TreatmentPDF Download
  • ROX® 4300: Diesel Fuel BiocidePDF Download