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Coronavirus Aircraft Disinfectant

The aviation industry's role in helping prevent the spread of Wuhan Coronavirus

Last updated 10th March 2020

With more than 105 countries around the world now impacted by the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak, the aviation industry has recognised the significant role it can play in helping to prevent the deadly virus spreading further using comprehensive aircraft disinfection and sanitation processes.

While the majority of the 109,577 people infected to date are based in China, more than 600 cases have now been reported in other countries1. The rapid rate of the virus spread has been linked to travel, with the majority of overseas cases being linked to people who have visited Wuhan in Hubei province and then travelled to another country via air.

As a provider of speciality aircraft disinfection and hygiene solutions, Callington Group recognises the vital role coronavirus disinfection, fumigation and sanitation practices can play in helping the airline industry to prevent the spread of the disease.

Do existing coronavirus aircraft disinfectant sprays protect against this new coronavirus?

Given the Wuhan Coronavirus is new, no one can yet test their coronavirus aviation disinfectant products specifically against this strain of the virus. However, coronaviruses are part of the “enveloped viruses” family, which includes other well-known and identified diseases such as influenza.

Current coronavirus disinfectant sprays have been tested against existing enveloped viruses and have been proven to be effective at destroying those germs.

Because of their proven effectiveness against other viruses in the same family, there is confidence existing aircraft disinfection sprays will work on this new strain.

How aviation disinfectant practices can help fight the spread of coronavirus

Within the aviation industry, passengers and airline crew can follow WHO recommendations and good hygiene practices to prevent the spread of the virus within the aircraft environment. The coronavirus inflight sanitation steps which have been identified to help reduce the spread of the disease are:

  • Cleaning hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Where soap and water are not available, using alcohol-based sanitisers
  • In addition Callington suggests all cabin surfaces should be cleaned with approved broad-based spectrum disinfectants

What products should be used for coronavirus aircraft disinfection?

While aircraft fumigation, disinfection and sanitation processes are commonplace for airlines, the coronavirus outbreak has placed renewed emphasis on ensuring comprehensive cleaning processes. Airlines can draw on a range of cabin disinfectant products from the Callington Group to conduct their coronavirus inflight disinfection processes.

Coronavirus aviation disinfection and sanitation products fall into four main categories:

Broad spectrum disinfectants:

These types of products have been proven to eliminate known viruses and are designed specifically for the aviation industry. Netbiokem DSAM, is a broad-spectrum disinfectant and cleaner which can be used on most plastics, composites and fabrics. It is a powerful surface cleaner proven to work against a wide range of microorganisms. Netbiokem DSAM is effective against lipophilic viruses, such as Coronavirus.

The product has been tested against the Virucidal Effectiveness European Standard EN 14476 against Influenza A (H1N1), a surrogated* virus for lipophilic viruses.

* In the context of environmental microbiology and health risk assessment, there are defined surrogates as organisms, particles, or substances used to study the fate of a pathogen in a specific environment)

High efficacy disinfectant products

These day to day disinfectant products are routinely used within aircraft cabins during maintenance cleaning and are highly effective at eliminating bacteria. The Callington Group provide access to a range of products which have been tested to eliminate viruses, bacteria and fungus.

  • Ki-ose 320: a wipe which can be used by crews during flights to disinfect surfaces such as headphones, telephones, oxygen masks, toilet seats and computer equipment.
  • Ki-ose 321-323 or Ki-ose 322 Concentrate: an all-purpose surface disinfectant and cleaner for surfaces specifically designed for aircraft sanitation uses in the galley, on trolleys, within the cabin and lavatories. It effectively disinfects surfaces without harming fabrics, plastic, metals and rubber.
  • Ki-ose 390: an antiseptic wipe which can be used for both hands and surfaces, having been dermatologically tested as suitable for skin contact. Ki-ose 390 is an effective surface cleaner for hand basins, toilets, cupboards, passenger trays and floors.
  • Ki-ose 360/365: also, an all-purpose surface disinfectant and cleaner for surfaces, which is available outside of the EU region.

Personal hygiene products (passengers and crew)

The frontline in preventing the spread of coronavirus is for all on board an aircraft to practice effective personal hygiene practice.

While airlines provide liquid and foaming hand soaps in aircraft lavatories, alcohol based hand sanitisers such as Novogel AB will also help with coronavirus cabin sanitation. Novogel AB is an antibacterial hand sanitising gel which kills 99.99% of bacterial germs.

Personal protection

Callington Universal Precaution Kits offer further protection for cabin crew and cleaning staff during specific coronavirus cabin disinfection processes.

The inflight cleaning kit includes: effective bactericidal cleaner (Ki-ose 3-in-1 disinfectant), combined face/eye mask, long sleeve protective apron, disposable wipes and gloves, absorbent granules and cloths, plastic scoop/scraper and secure bio-hazard waste bag.

How effective will aircraft disinfection processes be?

As agencies across the globe work urgently to identify the virus and develop medications and vaccines, the focus is on containing the spread of the virus and reducing the threat to other countries.

Through utilising the range of coronavirus aircraft disinfectant products available from the Callington Group, the aviation industry can play a significant role in helping prevent the spread of the virus during airline travel.

While products are yet to be tested against the threat of the specific strain of Wuhan Coronavirus, existing coronavirus aircraft disinfection processes and products are expected to be effective based on their track record against the same type of viruses.


What is coronavirus?

Coronavirus is the overarching name given to a family of viruses which includes many strains, some of which have been responsible for other global crises such as the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) outbreak in 2002.

Coronaviruses are transmitted between humans and animals, and can cause a range of illness from common colds to more severe respiratory diseases2. It is understood the virus is predominantly spread via close contact with an infected person who has the symptoms of the illness such as breathing difficulties, fever, cough or shortness of breath.

This new strain of coronavirus has been named "COVID-19" and is being commonly referred to as the Wuhan Coronavirus, based on the area where it originated in China.

While the World Health Organisation (WHO) works with agencies across the world to develop specific medicines, treatments and vaccines, a key focus of efforts has been to try and prevent the spread of the virus through travel and good hygiene practices.

Coronavirus Aircraft Disinfectant Coronavirus Aircraft Disinfectant Coronavirus Aircraft Disinfectant

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