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Every country has specific fuel quality standards that it is required to achieve. In Australia for example oxidative stability and cetane number are two examples of parameters that need to achieve the specified National Standard as outlined in the Fuel Standard (Diesel) Determination 2001 tested to ASTM D2274 and ASTM 4737 respectively.

When importing and exporting fuel, achieving each domestic markets quality standard can be a challenge.

Callington offer a range of additives to help terminals meet these standards as well as prevent costly maintenance. Tank Cleaners and other care products are also available upon request.

  • Datasheet Downloads
  • ROX® 8100: Concentrated Octane Boost TechnologyPDF Download
  • ROX® 8200: Non-Metallic Octane Boost TechnololgyPDF Download
  • ROX® 8700: Organic Cetane ImproverPDF Download